Today, July 24, is the run-off election in the state of Georgia. Polls are open until 7:00 p.m. No matter who you are, if you’re a Georgian you have something at stake on the ballot today.

If you voted in the Democratic Primary, you still need to vote for a candidate for State School Superintendent. In most districts (particularly the Congressional 6th and 7th), there are other important races, too.

If you voted in the Republican Primary then you surely haven’t missed that there’s a run-off in the Governor’s race. And the Lieutenant Governor’s race. And the Secretary of State’s race.

And if you didn’t vote in the primary? You can still make your vote count TODAY. Today you can vote in EITHER primary for the candidates who represent the issues most important to you.

With so much at stake this year, I urge you to VOTE TODAY! Voter turnout is historically low in mid-term election years and even worse in mid-term run-offs. Please join me at the polls today. Don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard!