Now more than ever, Georgians need and deserve real leadership – leadership that supports and protects Georgians. I want to live in a state that values its workers, that provides healthcare to all of its residents, and that has a strong social safety net during times of crisis. This is the work I will continue to do when re-elected as your state representative for House District 54.


Every Georgian needs an insurance card in their pocket. This is why I support expanding Medicaid. I also support measures to prevent surprise billing, reduce prescription costs, and attract more healthcare workers to Georgia.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

I am a staunch defender of women’s right to reproductive healthcare and the freedom to make their own reproductive health decisions. I also support extended maternity and post-partum benefits, affordable and accessible contraception, and access to fertility testing and treatments.


I have and will continue to fight for increased funding for public schools and for fewer restrictions on Georgia teachers. I believe in reducing standardized testing and minimizing burdensome reporting requirements. As a public school parent, I know firsthand the challenges in our classrooms, and oppose any measures that take away funding from our public schools.

Reducing Gun Violence 

I’ve co-sponsored nine bills during my time in the Georgia Legislature to reduce gun violence, including a “red flag” law and one preventing domestic violence offenders from acquiring a firearm. I support better gun safety measures to keep guns away from those who mean harm and to reduce the number of accidental gun deaths in Georgia.

Environmental Sustainability

I believe in exploring renewable energy resources, creating transit options that reduce single-passenger automobile travel, supporting small farmers, preventing pollutants from entering our air and water supply, and protecting Georgia’s natural resources.

Public Safety 

I support measures to increase Georgia State Patrol pay and benefits, increase the number of GSP officers serving the Atlanta area, and provide tuition assistance for those pursuing degrees in criminal justice and related fields. I voted in favor of legislation to curb street racing and co-sponsored legislation to enact a study committee to explore leveraging technology to improve public safety, such as license plate readers and noise detection devices.

Workers’ Rights

Building a strong economy starts with supporting Georgia’s workers. I support equitable wages and paying a living wage. I also support paid family leave, fair classification of employees, and expanding medical benefits so all working Georgians can have health insurance.

Property Taxes

I’ve worked with local city and county delegations to reduce residential property taxes and hold commercial real estate owners accountable for their fair share of the tax digest. I also support measures to reduce property taxes for seniors who are long-time residents in their homes, but struggle to keep up with rising property taxes.

Local Control

My voting record shows that I have consistently voted against pre-emption bills – bills that allow the state to prohibit cities from passing laws and ordinances locally that make sense for their unique population. I believe that counties and municipalities should have the ability to pass ordinances without interference from state government.