The Road to November Starts Now!

Like many of you, we were up late last night watching the returns from the Republican primary run-off. And like many of you, we felt deep concern when we learned that Brian Kemp would be the Republican nominee for Governor.

My concern begins with Kemp’s record as Secretary of State, which includes the accidental release of six million voter social security numbers and the outdated and vulnerable voting machines currently used in elections on his watch. Worse yet are Kemp’s political positions on gun control, women’s rights and human rights, which make it easier to obtain and carry firearms, to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care and to continue the barbaric practice of separating immigrant children from their families. The final red flag is Kemp’s full endorsement by Donald Trump.

This is not the face of Georgia that you and I want the world to see. It’s time for us to work together to fight Kemp’s backwards agenda by electing progressive candidates to the state capitol at every level. Please join us today – volunteer, post a yard sign and/or donate to the campaign. Together, we can bring balance to our state legislature and ensure a better Georgia for the future.