Are you or someone you care about among the thousands of hardworking Georgians who can’t afford health insurance? Whether or not you have coverage, none of us ever wants to see a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker go without care when they are injured or sick. And yet today, hundreds of thousands of working Georgians cannot afford basic healthcare and don’t qualify for financial help or Medicaid.

I’m sure you agree that healthcare really isn’t about numbers. It’s about people—workers, students, veterans, neighbors—who deserve to have their basic human needs met. You and I know this situation is unacceptable. But did you know that every year Georgia lawmakers fail to expand Medicaid and that our state is missing out on $3 billion meant to help people who can’t afford insurance? This is money we have ALREADY PAID with our taxes and we are getting no benefit from because our state has refused that money.

I believe that affordable healthcare is fundamental. I will advocate for our state to accept federal money to pay for health coverage that will save Georgia an average of $200 million a year now used to provide care for the uninsured. Most importantly, I will fight for funding that could give over 42,000 Fulton County residents the health coverage they deserve. The answer is in front of us and it’s time for state lawmakers to act. Please join me and VOTE this November. And if you can, make a contribution of time or money to Betsy for Georgia. Thank you!