Good afternoon, friends:
We have exciting news!  A few weeks ago, we conducted a poll in Georgia’s House District 54.  We asked members of our community about the issues most important to them in the upcoming election and how they planned to vote in November.
Here’s what we learned – our neighbors are fed up with the White House, and they’re concerned about the direction in which Georgia is heading.  Our neighbors want leadership that protects women’s and LGBTQ rights, stands up to fight gun violence and invests in economic development.  Most importantly, we learned that if the election were held tomorrow, we have an edge to win.
We’re so close, but we need your help.  Plenty of voters in our district are still undecided.  We need your help to reach out to them with mail, calls and signs.  Can you help by making a contribution today?

Our next financial disclosure is on September 30.  We must raise another $9,500 by that date to meet our goals and reach our voters.  Will you join Team Betsy Holland today?

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