This is Democracy looks like.

Today I was proud to march with my family and friends at the Families Belong Together Rally in downtown Atlanta. Thousands of our neighbors took to the streets to protest the inhumane treatment of families seeking asylum in the United States and the unconscionable separation of children from their parents.  We marched in support of humane immigration policy, in support of refugees and in protest of the misuse of detention centers, ICE and the ridiculous proposal to build a wall.

We marched alongside people of all ages, faiths, races, national origin and genders. We complimented one another’s signs and t-shirts. We distributed water and stickers for the children. We chanted in solidarity – “what does democracy look like?  This is what democracy looks like.”

Locking arms with friends and strangers today kept my hope alive that change is coming. Our neighbors want fairness and kindness, not the hateful doctrine of us versus them. Thank you for joining with us as we continue to march for a better community, a better Georgia, a better world for our children.