For Christmas, I gave my mom a gold necklace with a small gold rectangle charm engraved with the word  RESIST. She put it on that day and hasn’t taken it off since. When asked, she says she will wear it every day until Donald Trump isn’t president anymore.

This is a small, personal act of resistance. There are other ways to resist – contacting elected officials, attending a protest, volunteering for a political candidate, donating to a social justice cause. In these ways and many others, we resist. We resist unjust policies and violent authority figures and discriminatory legislation. We take breaks to care for ourselves and our loved ones and then we go on to resist another day.

On Wednesday, the White House finally signed an executive order to end the practice of tearing asylum-seeking children away from their parents at the U.S. border. It’s not perfect – it doesn’t address the hundreds of children already suffering in detention centers or how to eventually reunite families. But it’s a small victory, and it came about because public resistance was too loud to ignore. The resistance is working. It’s a hard, slow journey, but we are making a difference. It’s working.