The Georgia State Senate has passed SB-375 which is now being called the Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill.  The bill, originally meant to improve the adoption process, now allows for agencies that receive tax-payer funding to discriminate against adoptive parents based on religious objections, including refusing to place children with LGBT parents.  Our priority should be placing children in loving homes.  We should never be a state that discriminates.  And, once again, a GOP amendment is putting Georgia in the news and leading to businesses to call for boycotts of our state.  The MPAA, Marvel, Disney and other production companies have already taken a stance that they will pull their business from Georgia if this bill is signed into law; that’s business that pumped  $2 billion into our economy last year.  It’s time to vote out politicians that don’t put the best interests of our children, our citizens and our economy first!


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Hollywood Hits Back at Georgia Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill