Today, as expected, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision effectively overturning Roe v Wade and stripping nationwide abortion rights.

Many legal experts believe that this decision is just the beginning when it comes to striking down other protections we assumed were inviolable, such as birth control, IVF, marriage equality, and school integration.

We must mobilize now to protect the rights of Georgians.

What happens when the federal government no longer protects the right to reproductive healthcare or the right to make one’s own medical choices? Those decisions revert back to state legislatures. So, please ask yourself – which way will the Georgia legislature lean when it can make laws regarding women’s access to healthcare?
I have stood up for women’s rights to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions from the day I was elected. I have been endorsed by organizations like Planned Parenthood SoutheastNARAL GeorgiaEMILY’S List and VOTE PROCHOICE. I stood in the well on the floor of the Georgia House and spoken up for a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. 

I am the candidate fighting for Georgia women.

But I can’t do it without your help. Please make a donation to our re-election campaign so we can keep this House seat and continue the fight for people to make their own decisions about their bodies and their reproductive health. With your help, we can work to protect access to abortion and other forms of reproductive healthcare in Georgia.

Or join me on Sunday! Support not only my re-election campaign, but that of Rep. Shea Roberts, and the election campaign of new candidate Dr. Kelly Coffman, a board certified psychiatrist who also happens to have a Master’s in Public Health.

This event is an opportunity to invest in three highly qualified, passionate, professional Democratic women who will work for our communities and represent our families’ shared values. 

Join us by registering here.