Last week was a full one, with four legislative days plus a committee day on Wednesday. When we adjourned late Friday afternoon, we completed legislative day 24. Several contentious bills passed out of the House this week, including a trio of worrisome education bills on Friday. However, we also passed some good legislation, including a bill to prevent lead poisoning in children and a bill to include a ban on vaping in non-smoking areas. I talk about these bills and more below. 

My Voting Record

HB 1178. Parents’ Bill of Rights. This bill purports to increase transparency and parental involvement in schools. I delivered the minority report for this bill, where I argued that this transparency already exists, and only serves to place unnecessary burdens on our already overworked teachers. 

I voted No on this bill, which passed the House. 

Video of my speech on the House floor:

HB 1084. This is another education-related bill which is a solution in search of problem, by disallowing  “divisive subjects” such as “race scapegoating” and “race stereotyping.” It also allows the state education board to punish districts that teach divisive concepts by removing their access to waivers from state education law. I voted No on this bill, which passed the House.

HB 1. The Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act. This bill eliminates “free speech” zones on college campuses and limits colleges’ abilities to prevent speakers on campus. I voted No on this bill, which passed the House.

HB 389. This bill prevents the misclassification of employees as independent contractors when they should be recognized as employees. I voted Yes, and this bill passed the House.

HB 1355. This legislation updates and strengthens Georgia law to reduce lead poisoning among children under the age of 6. I voted Yes, and this bill passed the House.

HB 1150, Freedom to Farm Act. Don’t be fooled by the name. This bill claims to protect small farmers from nuisance lawsuits, but it really removes certainty from a law that has protected Georgia farmers since 1989. The bill also infringes on private property rights and will discourage big industrial polluters from taking reasonable precautions against pollution. I voted No on this bill, which passed the House.

HB 1348, Georgia Smoke-free Air Act. This bill bans vaping in tobacco smoke-free areas. I voted Yes, and this bill passed the House.

HB 1302. This is Governor Kemp’s bill, which gives income tax refunds to Georgia taxpayers. The refunds will be between $250 to $500 per household. I voted Yes, and this bill passed the House.

Bills to Watch

SB 319. The permitless carry gun bill, which allows Georgians to carry a concealed handgun without first getting a license from the state, passed the Senate this week. It is now in the
House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

SB 259. This gun rights expansion bill prohibits government agencies from sharing information about those who have been granted or applied for concealed carry licenses. It passed the Senate this week, and is now in the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

HB 1013, the Mental Health Parity Act, passed out of committee this week, and is on the House Rules calendar for Tuesday. 

SB 456. This bill bans women from receiving abortion pills through the mail, and was passed by the Senate this week. It is now in the House Committee on Health & Human Services.

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