This week, dozens of bills passed out of committee, and the House approved the amended budget on Friday afternoon. We also passed nearly 100 pieces of local legislation bills to redistrict counties and cities throughout the state, heard from Chief Justice David Nahmias on the State of Judiciary and visited with advocates ranging from the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies to the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. Read below for more details about legislative days 12 through 15.

I still feel like a newbie on the House floor, but my seatmate Devon Seabaugh is even newer than I am! While we’re on different sides of the aisle politically, we sit next to each other physically, and I’m always happy to try to answer his questions about how the House works.

My Voting Record

HB 910. The House passed the supplemental appropriations budget for State Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022. This budget included a $5000 pay increase for state employees. I voted yes on this bill.

Bills to Watch

SB 456. This bill bans women from receiving abortion drugs through the mail, and requires them to see a doctor before receiving the drug. It passed out of the Senate committee on Health & Human Services this week and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote.
State Senator (and physician!) Michelle Au pointed out many inconsistencies in the bill during her line of questioning. You can watch her here.

SB 435. The “Save Girls Sports” Act passed out of the Senate Education committee this week. This bill bans schools from allowing transgender girls from participating in sports that align with their gender identity. Opponents of the bill warned that it could lead to increased suicide attempts by transgender children and cost the state money by jeopardizing large events, such as those put on by the NCAA.

SB 226. This bill would make it easier for parents to get books banned from their child’s school, and places decision-making power in the hands of those who lack the appropriate training in curriculum, instruction, and library media. It passed the Senate last year, and is currently in the House Judiciary Non-Civil committee. 

Joint City of Atlanta House & Senate Delegation

The delegation met on Friday, February 11th, to hear updates from the Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools Dr. Lisa Herring and from Kenyatta Mitchell, the Director for Intergovernmental Affairs for the City of Atlanta. The two shared their legislative priorities with the delegation. You can watch the meeting here.

Buckhead City Update

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan went on the record yesterday in his opposition to the creation of Buckhead City and then today, Speaker of the House David Ralston joined him. This means that the proposed Buckhead City legislation is unlikely to be voted on under the Gold Dome this year.

I’ve spent the past year working hard to ensure that the unintended ramifications of secession were examined carefully, and I applaud the leadership of both Lieutenant Governor Duncan and Speaker Ralston for giving our new mayor time to fix some of our problems before rushing into such a drastic solution. 

Let’s Keep Atlanta United!

Yes, I know there’s a big game on Sunday! (I mean, now I know there’s a big game on Sunday. I might not have known when I scheduled this listening session.) But what better way to pre-game than to get all the dirt on what’s going on under the Gold Dome? 

Join me on Sunday, February 13th at 4 pm! Register here for the Zoom link to attend.

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