UPDATE: Just got off a conference call with Governor Kemp, Dr. Toomey (the head of Georgia Department of Public Health) and my fellow legislators. Please share this information with your networks.

COVID-19 testing sites are on their way! Georgia will have testing sites in the communities because hospitals and medical facilities are already overwhelmed. Sites are intended for those who have seen a doctor and been sent for testing.

There are already clusters of the disease that have been seen from some churches and other groups in Georgia. I cannot emphasizes enough how important it is to avoid gatherings of people. Young or old, good health or not, if you are exposed to this virus, you could transmit it to anyone you meet….even if you never show symptoms.

If you have mild COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor and then quarantine yourself at home and self-treat if you can. We need the hospital beds for more severe cases.

New cases will increase exponentially. And then with testing, the diagnosis of citizens with the virus will increase exponentially. The number of confirmed cases today – currently 99 people – will look puny by next week.

I’m begging you – stay home as much as you can. Do not have friends over. Do not meet up at the bar for a drink. Please – if you are able, work from home, avoid unnecessary errands, and continue disinfecting surfaces and washing your hands.

For public updates go to DPH.GA.GOV or Google Georgia Department of Public Health.

I will continue to update as we learn more. I’m happy to answer any questions or pass them along to experts. Together, we can defeat this public health crisis.