The pace picked up during Week 3 of the Georgia General Assembly. Friday marked Day 11 of the 40-day Legislative Session. Below is a short video recap for you. Please share it with your fellow District 54 constituents.

As always, my aim is to keep you informed about work we are doing at the Capitol, remain transparent and visible throughout the process, and encourage you to continue to tell me about issues most important to you.


Legislators are tasked with one imperative each year — passing a balanced budget so state government is funded and operates without interruption.

This is done in two parts: 1. by passing the annual operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year (HB 31, sometimes referred to as “the big budget”), and 2. by passing the supplemental budget (HB 30) — mid-year adjustments to account for unanticipated needs that arise during the current fiscal year.

To that end, on Friday, after some vigorous debate, the House passed HB 30, the Amended Budget for FY2019. It will be interesting to see what happens when the big budget comes to the floor.

Georgia’s annual operating budget is a whopping $27 Billion. Documents outlining precisely what is funded are voluminous and detailed, but should you find yourself interested in a bit of “light reading”, I invite you to learn more about the process at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget.

On Tuesday, Dr. Ammar Divan served as Doctor of the Day, taking care of us under the Gold Dome. He lives in District 54 and is a great community leader. It was a pleasure to introduce him to the House of Representatives.
Wednesday brought budding artists to the Capitol Art Exhibit. These talented painters from Sutton Middle School have bright futures.
On Thursday, we welcomed Molly Pitra, Garden Hills resident and Christ The King student, to serve as a Page.
Also on Thursday, North Atlanta High School’s Fencing Club joined us for Georgia High School Fencing Day at the Capitol. The demonstrations were on point!
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Rep. Betsy Holland, GA House District 54

The Legislature will reconvene Monday, February 11, 2019.