There has been national news about the situation in Randolph County, GA concerning the possible closing of polling precincts in this largely African American community. Today, the elections board for Randolph county voted AGAINST the closing of those locations. All voting locations are to remain open! In this day of brazen voter suppression, this is a good reminder that we must exercise our right to vote! Not only that, but we must encourage others to do so as well.

Did you know that 2500 new voters have registered to vote in Georgia House District 54 just since June?  Were you one of them?  It’s not too late!  To vote in the November election, you must register no later than October 9.  Even if you think you’re registered, go check the Secretary of State’s website to make sure.  The state purges voter rolls periodically – if you show up at your polling place and discover your name is missing from the list, you won’t have any recourse.  Check out the site below – register now or confirm your status!