It’s likely that you noticed a boost in the energy in our community this morning. Another summer break has come to an end and our district’s students are heading back to school.

Like many parents in our neighborhood, I walked my child to school this morning. As the principal and teachers welcomed us and our son hugged his returning friends, I appreciated how fortunate we are to be part of a community where teachers and administration have the resources they need to fully support their students academically, socially and emotionally. But not every school in our state enjoys these fundamental advantages.

Every family in Georgia has the right to expect a safe, high-quality public education for their children. And yet far too many Georgia schools are suffering from teacher shortages, overcrowded classrooms , inadequate security and a lack of supplies. During the 2018 legislative season, the Session proudly reinstated full funding for public education for the first time in over 10 years. This was a great first step, but the funding is based on a model from the 1980’s – not nearly the cutting edge investments Georgian’s should expect for our young people.

I will work to ensure that every single child in Georgia has access to a top-notch public school. I support competitive salaries for teachers, updated and safe facilities, smaller class sizes, fully funded teacher resources and innovative approaches to education. I will fight to keep public money in public schools, and I support legislation that protects every child’s right to learn.

Best wishes to all of the students, families, teachers and staff beginning their school year today. May you all have the support you need for a successful year!