Can you help?

Dear friends and supporters,
Thank you for all of your heartfelt support! I know that we are all busy and may not have time for canvassing or making phone calls. If you want to contribute, here is something simple you can do that will add a great benefit during these last days before the primary. Open this attached document, ready for printing, with a suggested letter and area for your signature. Feel free to edit this word doc, or write your own message.  You can also jot down a short personal note somewhere on the letter.

This can be put into an envelope or just folded in half to be hand delivered to your friends and family in District 54 (see here for a map). Or send in the mail if you prefer.

Deliver one, 10 or 20. I appreciate whatever you can do and I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you so much for your help!

Betsy Holland


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