Sine Die – the last day of the Georgia General Assembly – was last Thursday.  Our elected officials worked right up to midnight passing legislation.  Now, these proposed bills sit with Governor Deal to sign or veto – the last time he’ll be called upon to do this in his career as Georgia’s governor.  What’s the good news?  Well, he’s likely to sign a huge expansion for transit in Georgia – a huge win for folks like me who would like more transit options and less traffic congestion.  He’s also very likely to sign the criminal justice bill designed to divert more low-level offenders from prisons and change the cash bail system, both of which help break the criminal cycle for low-income offenders.  Finally, we don’t know which way Governor Deal will go on the “brunch bill” – the law allowing alcoholic beverages to be served before noon on Sundays – but I’m crossing my fingers for the opportunity to enjoy a mimosa after church!–regional-govt–politics/the-legislature-done-but-georgia-governor-has-decisions-make/B6Rz3RiW8EzQZ964DN3MuN/