Traffic in this town is miserable – I’m not telling you anything you don’t experience every day! I support building and maintaining a modern infrastructure system, and I also support prioritizing innovative solutions to the state’s traffic woes. I support directing funding to developing mass transit solutions. I also support safe and effective bike lanes, ride sharing, driverless vehicles and incentives for commute alternatives.

  1. Elizabeth Bibby says:

    What about pedestrian infrastructure? People in Atlanta are afraid to walk on the streets due to inadequate sidewalk infrastructure so that limits their willingness to access to transit stations and bus stops. So few leaders in Atlanta have ever walked anywhere except from the parking lot to the door of their destination building that they have little or zero understanding that this is a major problem in the overall transit scene!

    • Jason Holland says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Pedestrian infrastructure is important too! My husband Jason is involved with a plan to expand sidewalks in our neighborhood, Garden Hills, and we were huge proponents of the large sidewalk project that happened on Howell Mill Road within the last couple of years. Safety should be one of our primary concerns when we tackle a transportation plan and expanding (and fixing!) sidewalks is something I wholeheartedly support.

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