There is no room in our state for inequality or discrimination. I will always promote the rights of Georgians to be treated fairly and equally in the eyes of the law.   I will fight discriminatory legislation disguised as religious freedom referendums.

  1. Ezra Cohen says:

    Please be more specific about what you would do to ensure equal rights for all Georgians? Do you support a Freedom of Religion amendment?

    • Jason Holland says:

      Without knowing the details of what we would be proposed in such an amendment, I’m inclined to say no. The U.S. Constitution offers protection of religious freedom, and nothing in a state constitution can supersede what’s protected at the federal level. We are fortunate to live in a country where our right to practice any religion (or none at all) is guaranteed.

      I would oppose legislation that sought to allow others to use their own faith as a reason to discriminate or refuse services, housing, employment or other benefits to others. All Georgians deserve equal access, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, national heritage, disability, etc. If anything, I am inclined to support legislation that offers more protections to segments of our population who are often under-served or disenfranchised.

      One thing I’ve learned both from serving on the Georgia Chamber board and from the work I do at Turner is that religious freedom bills tend to hurt business. The bills discourage companies from moving to the state and make it harder to recruit talent. And as demonstrated when Mike Pence signed a religious freedom bill into law in Indiana, the effect on tourism and convention business can be devastating to the local economy.

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